1 Corinthians 9
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Apostle (Missionary) Credential
1) Do I not also have liberty and rights as an apostle (missionary)? 

Am I not an apostle (missionary)?  Have I not seen Jesus?  Are not all of you the very product of my work in the Lord?  2) Regardless of whether others think I am an apostle (missionary) or not, I am definitely an apostle (missionary) to you.  You yourselves are my very credential, my very proof and the Lord's very seal of my being an apostle (missionary)! 


Apostle (Missionary) Right For Pay
3) This is what I say to those who sit in judgment of me: 

4) Do I have no liberty or right in having my needs provided?
5) Do I have no liberty or right to also have my wife with me and both our needs provided, as all other apostles (missionaries), even as Jesus' brothers and Peter?
6) Or, do only we who have no liberty or right for our needs to be provided? 

7)  Consider this: 

Do you know any military soldier serving with no pay?
Do you know any farmer not eating from the crops he plants?
Do you know any shepherd not drinking milk from his own sheep?

8) I'm I saying all this only based on human logic?  Or does not God's Law confirm this as well?  9) Yes, it is written in the Law of Moses: "You must not muzzle an ox when it is treading the grain."  Do you really think God is only concerned about some ox?  10) Don't you realize God wrote this to you, and for you?  Obviously God wrote this for us so that those who plow and those who harvest should all expect to have a share of the crop. 

11) So, if we fed you spiritually, is it too much for us to receive anything from you materially?  12) If you give anything to anyone else, don't we have even a greater right?

But we have not taken advantage of this right.  Unlike others, we have endured everything to not hinder or slow up getting out the good news of Christ.                

13) But don't you also know that all those who worked in the temple ate the food (that was tithed) to the temple and all those who worked at the temple alter had their share of the food (that was tithed)?  14) Those who proclaim the Good News should get their living in this same way.  [Matt. 23:23, Jesus said, "You should tithe, yes…"]

15) But I have never used my right (in receiving tithe) or ever asked anybody for their (tithe) money for all my preaching and teaching.  And be sure I'm not writing this now so you or anybody will give me anything.  I would rather die before anybody can take this honor from me. 

16) However, I can't take credit for being this way.  I've had no choice. I'm under orders and have an inward compulsion that I have to tell everybody about this good news of Jesus Christ.  I would fear not to!  17) So, I'm not doing it as a volunteer and I'm not doing it for pay.  I'm compelled to do it!  I'm under God's stewardship orders.  He's entrusted me with this invaluable life changing revolutionary Good News.  18) So how then do I get my reward or blessing?  I preach the Good News without ever asking anybody for money and not receiving all my right (to my full tithe) for preaching the Gospel.


How To Win People
19) So I am totally free and not bound to anyone.  Nonetheless, I have chosen to put myself in bondage under everyone, to be everyone's slave, so that I might win everyone!

20) Jews: When I'm with Jews, I'm just like a Jew, so I can win more Jews. 

Judaized Gentiles: When I'm with Gentiles who are following Jewish law, I follow Jewish law.  Though I don't have to follow it, I do so that I might win more of these judaized Gentiles.

21) Lawless Gentiles: When I'm with Gentiles who do not know or follow God's Law, I live like them, so I can win more of these lawless Gentiles.  But I do not violate God's Law, which is Christ's Law.

22) Sensitive Gentiles: When I'm with Gentiles that have sensitive consciences in anything, I become sensitive to whatever they are sensitive to, so that I might win more of these sensitive conscience Gentiles.

Everyone:  I will become like everyone else, so that in every way, I might win and save everyone I can.

23) Everything:  Everything I do is to win people to the Gospel and share the Good News.

How To Be Like Winning Athletes
24) Everyone runs in a race but only one wins the prize.  Now you run to get the prize.  25) All athletes who compete in the Greek Olympic games discipline themselves excruciatingly in every way and every day.  They do it just to be able to wear a little green leafy crown on their head that soon wilts away.  But for us believers, our reward is immortal and eternal!  26) Therefore:

I run with all my might and with clear aim!

I fight to win; I never shadow-box or just play around!

27) I even beat up my own body to make it my slave, to make it be and do all that it should do.  So when I preach to others there's no way they can reject my life. 

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