1 Corinthians 8 

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Your Knowledge Can Destroy - Only Love Builds
1) Now the question of eating leftover meat offered to idols; each of you have your own knowledge about that.  And it's your theological knowledge that makes you feel superior to others.  However, it is only loving others that builds up them to be like Christ!  2) That person who always thinks his theological understanding is right is actually the person that has no real understanding of God at all.  3) But the person who obediently loves God is the person God makes Himself and His real knowledge known to them. 

4) Therefore, eating meat offered to idols, this we do know, that there is no such thing as any god of any idol in the world.  There is only one God in the world.  5) Though, there are many so-called lords or gods in heaven or earth, 6) we know for sure there is only one God, the Father, who created all things and we exist for Him.  That is, there is only one Lord Jesus Christ who created all things and we exit for Him.

7) However, not everyone has this knowledge.  Some have always been use to thinking of these idols as real gods, and so for them it affects their conscience if they eat any of the leftover meat offered to idols.  8) Since what we eat does not help us get any closer to God, it doesn't matter whether we eat it or not. 

Your Liberty Can Destroy - Only Love Builds
9) Make sure you love a weaker brother more than your own personal liberty to do whatever you think or want, and thereby stumble your brother.  10) If you follow your liberty, with all your "superior theological knowledge", and a weaker brother sees you, do you realize that can make a weaker brother feel free to do what you do while violating his own conscience?  11) Then with your "superior theological knowledge" you end up destroying a weak brother, for whom Christ died!  12) When you wound someone's conscience, you sin in two ways:  You sin against that brother and you sin against Christ Himself!  13) Therefore, if I think my liberty in doing anything may ever hurt my brother's conscience or offend my brother in any way, I will never do it again for as long as I live!

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