1 Corinthians 6 

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No Lawsuits With Believers
How dare any Christian brother ever sue another Christian brother!  How dare you drag another brother out in open public court before some unsaved, unjust judge to settle your issue, instead of privately taking your brother to those who are His just ones, to settle your case!  2) Don't you realize that all of God's just ones are eventually going to judge and rule the whole world?  If you are going to judge and rule the whole world, are you so incompetent to judge and rule in your puny little matters now?  3) Don't you realize you're going to be even judging all the billions of angelic beings?  Therefore, don't you think God has made you more than capable of judging in matter here and now? 

4) Appoint the least capable of any of God's people to judge any matter now, and they will be far better than an unjust, unsaved man!  5) Christians, you ought to be ashamed!  Are you saying you don't have even one wise competent believer in your church to judge a matter?  No, not one!  6) No, you go out publically to some unjust, unsaved heathen to judge you!  7) In that case, you just lost the case big time, no matter what the outcome! 

You're far better off to let a brother defraud you of anything or any amount of money than to go out to some public civil court of unjust, unsaved heathen!  8) In fact, you yourself commit fraud if you ever take your brother before any civil court of any unjust, unsaved judges!

9-10) Or don't realize that these unjust, unsaved civil judges will not have any share in God's kingdom?  Don't be mislead:  Fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, homosexuals, thieves, the greedy, drunkards, slanders, cheaters --- no such person will ever share in or inherit any part of God's kingdom. 

The Real You & Your Physical Body
11) However, some of you use to live that way.  But now, every last one of your sins has been washed away!  Now you have been completely cleansed, made pure and separated for God and to live only for Him!  Now you have been made completely righteous!  All this has happened to you only because of who the Lord Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you and through the mighty working power of God's Spirit living in you!         

12) I could feel I'm free now to do whatever I want.   But no I'm not; because not just anything is good for me to do.  I should never let myself become enslaved again to anything or anyone but only the Lord Jesus.  13) Even food, which is made for the stomach and the stomach for food, even both of them should be for God, and in time He is going to even get rid of both of them.

But our physical bodies were not made for sexual immorality; however, they were made for the Lord to live in and the Lord's Spirit for living in our physical bodies.  14) God is even going to raise your physical body off this earth by His power to use it for His eternal purpose, even as He raised up the Lord Jesus' body for His eternal purpose.          

15) Do you not also know that your body is a member and part of Christ?  So should I take part of Christ and join Him to a prostitute?  NEVER!  16) When a man has sex he's becoming one with that person.  Remember God said, "The two shall become one flesh", even with a prostitute.  17) But the person joined to the Lord is now one with Him. 

18) Therefore, run as fast as you can away from any person where you might fall into any sexual sin!  No other sin so directly impacts your physical body as sexual sin. 

19) Or still don't you realize, your actual physical body is where God's Holy Spirit is living.  Your body is the Spirit's house.  God has actually put His own Spirit in your body to live forever in you.

Finally, you must know, your physical body no longer belongs to you in any manner or in any way!  Surprised?  20) Your body has been bought!  God personally bought your body for an incredibly high price!  Therefore, always have your body reflect Who is living in there.


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