1 Corinthians 5 

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Christ Demands Every Believer To Clean Up His Church
1) I'm amazed to hear someone in your church is actually having sexual immorality, even cohabiting with his stepmother.  Non-Christians don't even do this!  2) How can you be so proud of your church?  Rather, you should grieve and be shamed.  You should remove this person out of your church right now.

3) Though I'm not with you physically I'm with you in spirit.  And I've already passed judgment on a person like this.  4) Get the church together.  I'm with you in spirit.  Throw this person out of your church now in the power and authority of the Lord Jesus.  5) Turn him out to Satan to destroy his body, that his spirit be saved when the Lord Jesus comes.

6) You talk about how great your church is.  That's shocking!  Don't you know that if even one person in your church is allowed to be sinning, in time it will affect everyone in your church?  7) Clean up your church!  Get rid of people that are sinning.  Then you'll truly be a great church.  Don't you realize that sin is what sent Christ to His death for you!  8) Therefore, don't celebrate in your church meals with people who have bad hearts or are in sin.  Eat the Lord Supper meals only with those who are pure, genuine and true.

9) I already wrote for you not to associate with fornicators, the immoral.  10) But I did not mean non-Christians that are immoral, or greedy cheats, or those who worship other gods or things.  If that were the case you would have to leave the world.  11) Rather, I wrote for you not to eat or associate in any way with any person who professes to be a Christian who is an immoral, or greedy person, or devoted to anything above God, or has a foul tongue [abusive, slanderer, reviler, railer], or addicted to alcohol or drug, or cheats people.  Don't ever eat with any such so-called Christian. 

12-13) I don't judge non-Christians.  God will do that.  But yes, every one of you is responsible to judge anyone in the church that is in sin; the Law commands, "You must purge and remove evil from among you."  


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