1 Corinthians 3
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Immature Christians
1) However, when I was with you I could not talk to you like Christians devoted to the Lord but rather more like non-Christians, living only for your own interest.  2) I had to talk to you like immature children. 3) And you're still like immature little children.  When are you going to grow up?

You have jealousy and envy just like non-Christians. You argue and debate just like non-Christians. This shows you are indeed like immature little children.

Christians Like Non-Christians
4) When you say I follow my "senior pastor", did you not know that you are just like non-Christians? 5) What do you think a "senior pastor" is?  He is not to be considered a "senior pastor" but only one servant of God through whom you heard a message.  They are not to be heads of parties, dividing Christians up in a city but only doing the work God gave them. 6) One of God's servants may see someone saved and another help them grow but really it was God who saved them and God who had them grow. 7) So none of God's servants are anything special, but only God, who makes it all happen.  8) Those who lead people to Christ or those who build them up, in fact no pastor, is above the other. They are all to be considered the same, as one. And the Lord is going to reward each one depending on how hard he works. 9) All you Corinthian pastors are to work together as one body under God. All you Corinthian believers are to be together as one church, like one garden or like one building, and all of you directed by, and under God. 

Only One Church Model
10) Through the grace and power of God, I Paul, skillfully laid this perfect church model foundation (with no one special "senior pastors" or denominational divisions) and others built on it. So now for all you in Corinth, be very careful how you all build the church there in Corinth.  Make very sure you don't veer off following another church model! 11) For no other foundation can ever be laid than this one which is upon Jesus Christ.

12-15) If you work at building Christ's church your work will be tested and revealed in the future, on the day of Christ. If it's for yourself or according to your church traditions and not according to Christ church foundational model, it will all burn up on that day! But only you personally will be saved in escaping the fire! Only work done His way will remain for all eternity and be rewarded.   

16) Do you still not get it! All believers in your city are to be like one building, one church? And do you still not get that the Spirit of God no longer dwells in physical buildings! He only dwells in you, as individuals and as a group.  17) Now if anyone starts corrupting you from all I have taught here about God’s one holy church in your city and starts dividing His one church up into different “churches” in your city, God will start corrupting them (making them “weak, sick or die… because of divisions” 1Cor. 11:18, 30).    

You Own The World
18) Do you feel you’re pretty worldly wise?  Don’t deceive yourself. Your worldly wisdom better become foolish if you really want to be wise with God’s wisdom. 19) For the wisdom of this world is laughable to God.  As the Bible says, "God uses man's own worldly wisdom and logic to be the very trap for himself."  And as the Bible says again, "God knows what the pseudo-intellectual is thinking and how insanely futile all their thoughts are."

21-23) So don't be proud or glory in any one human leader! For they all belong to you!  All the greatest Christian leaders in the world belong to you. In fact everything in the world God has give to you for your use and purpose, life and even death, everything that's here today and whatever is in the future! It all belongs to you! And you belong to Christ!  And Christ belongs to God! 


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