I Corinthians 2
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How Paul Would Speak To Non-believers
Dear brothers, even when I myself came to you, I did not come using lofty talk or brilliant arguments in proclaiming God's message.  2) I determined to know nothing with you but Jesus being the Messiah and Jesus being crucified for you.  3) I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling.  4) And my words and all my speaking were never with persuasive intellectual arguments.  This way you saw evidence of His Spirit and power, 5) so your faith would not be based on man's wisdom and arguments but on God's power.  

All Christians Are Wiser Than The Greatest Intellectuals
6) But to those who have been made complete in Christ, I do speak of God's wisdom, but not the pseudo wisdom of this world or of leading scholars of this world, who by the way will soon be dead nobodies.  7) We tell you God's secret plan for your own great splendor and glory, which He predestined for you before time began.  8) No leader of this world had any clue about this or any idea, or they would have never crucified the very Lord of glory Himself. 

9) But it's written (Isaiah 64:4):  "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for all those who love Him."  10) But God has made all this known to us by His Spirit!  For His Spirit knows the deepest things of God.  11) No one can know someone else's thoughts except that person's own inner spirit.  Even so, no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit.  12) And we have not received the spirit of the world; but we have received God's Spirit, which He sent to live inside of us so we can now know and comprehend all the fantastic free things God has given to us. 

13) What we speak is not from man's puny finite thinking but what is taught by God's Spirit, spiritual truth for those who are spiritually attuned.  14) But the person without God's Spirit will not accept what God's Spirit says, for it only seems foolish to him and it's impossible for him to comprehend, because it can only be understood if you have God's Spirit living in you.  15) But those of you who have God's Spirit in you, you can judge and examine and evaluate everyone and everything.  But no one can examine or judge you, 16) “For who knows the mind of the Lord?  Who can teach God?" (Isa.40:13).  And that is what you have - the very mind of Christ, the Anointed One!

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