1 Corinthians 14 
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Everyone Should Speak Up In Church
1) Run after love but be zealous for the greater spirituality of prophesying.  2) If you speak in a foreign language, only God understands, your spirit is hiding what is being said.  3) But if you prophesy, everyone can be edified, exhorted and encouraged.  4) By speaking languages that others don’t know, you help only yourself.  But by prophesying you help everyone in the church.  5) Now I wish you all could speak in a foreign language, but far more, I wish you all would prophesy!  The foreign language is only good if translated.   Those who prophesy are the greatest because they edify the whole gathering! 

6) Now brothers, if I come speaking to you in some foreign language how does that help you, unless I speak where you can learn some truth or understanding or prophecy or teaching?  7) Even lifeless musical instruments, as a flute or harp, if they don't play understandably how would anybody know what is being played?  8) If the bugle doesn't make a clear sound who will prepare for battle?  9) So also, if you don't speak what can be understood how will it make any sense what you are saying?  You would only be making a noise to the air.  10) There are many languages in the world and not one of them is that dumb, having no meaning.  11) But if I don't understand the language I will be a foreigner to the one who speaks and he will be a foreigner to me. 

12) So you, who are so zealous for spiritual gifts, seek to abound for what will edify everyone!  13) Therefore, you who speak in a foreign language, here is what you should pray, pray that you can translate!  14) For if I pray in a foreign language with my spirit, my mind is useless, it bears no fruit.  15) Therefore, what should you do? 

Always Pray & Sing With Your Spirit & Your Mind
Pray with your spirit and also your mind!  Sing with your spirit and also your mind!  16) Otherwise, if you praise God just in spirit, how will everyone who hasn't learned the foreign language be able to agree and say "amen"?  17) You may feel thankful enough, but you're helping no one!  18) I'm grateful to God that I talk in more foreign language tongues than all of you.A  19) However, in church I would rather say five intelligent words of instruction than ten thousand words in a foreign language! 

APaul spoke "in more… tongues than all."  As an apostle, Paul was traveling all over the world to new nations and always encountering new languages.  Entering new cities, "As was Paul's custom, he went to the synagogue" (Acts 17:2), where for him to have been understood, he would have needed to speak another new language - "tongues".  And, "tongues" was to be a public "sign" (attesting miracle) for unbelieving Jews, as confirmed in this chapter (verse 21-22).  Like Pentecost in Acts 2, wherever in the world the Jews heard Paul speak so fluently in their own language, it was a miraculous "sign" from God for them to believe Paul's message from God.

Stop Thinking Like A Baby Regarding Tongues
20) Brothers, stop being like little children in how you think and reason [about tongues]!  If you want to think like a baby, then be like a baby in not doing evil [with tongues]!  But in your thinking, be mature, grow up!B 

B"Tongues" is the only topic the apostle Paul said to use your mind to "think and reason… in your thinking be mature, grow up!"  If you don't know what you are saying and you don't have an interrupter, you are not thinking or using your mind; therefore you are not loving the Lord your God – "Jesus replied, 'You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind’" (Matt.22:37).  Paul said, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is" (Rom. 12:2).  Those who are spiritually "mature [and] grow up" will use their mind to understand "tongues" by looking at "What is written in the LAW", as Paul did.         

21) What is written in the LAW (Isaiah 28:11) regarding tongues?  "MOUTHS WILL SPEAK UNLEARNED FOREIGN LANGUAGES TO THIS PEOPLE.  YET EVEN WITH THIS THEY WILL NOT LISTEN, SAYS THE LORD!" 22) Therefore, tongues are a SIGN, and not to those who believe but to those who do not believe.C

CThe Greek meaning for the word "tongues" was literally "UNLEARNED FOREIGN LANGUAGES ".  And their purpose was for being 1) Only a "sign".  2) Only a "sign" for Jews.  3) And only a "sign" for Jews "who do not believe".  All this is confirmed in verse 21 and 22, as well as throughout the N.T. (Matt. 12:38ff, 16:1ff; 1Cor. 1:22).  Nowhere does the N.T. say "tongues" was for the purpose of private personal prayer or ever seen used in that manner, but only as a visible "sign" for Jews, for "this people".  God said, "YET EVEN WITH THIS THEY WILL NOT LISTEN", and Jewish Israel did not listen!  Therefore, as Jesus prophesied, Israel and its temple were finally destroyed in 70 AD.  Thereafter, the purpose of "tongues" was fulfilled and no longer needed, and therefore ceased.  To understand the subject of "tongues" in full, you may order the book, Tongues, Signs & Miracles, at: GreenwoodFellowship.com    

23) Therefore, if the whole church comes together and you're speaking in some foreign language and any person who doesn't know the foreign language or is without Christ, they will think you are crazy or demented.  24) But if all are prophesying and an unbeliever or unknowledgeable person of a foreign language comes into your meeting, every one of you will be convicting to them, 25) exposing and examining hidden things of their heart.  They will fall on their face and worship GodD, declaring God is truly among you.

DThroughout this chapter God made it very clear more than once, no one who hears "tongues" without an interrupter would be edified, and also in this verse, be able to  "worship God".  For this same reason, neither can anyone who prays in "tongues" be edified, or even "worship God", if they themselves do not understand what they were saying.  This is like being "crazy or demented".

Everyone Participates In Church
26) How should we summarize all this brothers?  When you come together, every one of you has something, a song of psalm, an instruction, some new knowledge or a foreign language and interpretation.  Everyone, do everything, to build everyone up.

27) If anyone speaks in a foreign language it should be no more than two or at the most three, but someone must translate.  28) And if there is no one in church to interpret keep silent; talk to yourself and God.

29) Two or three prophets may speak and everyone else discern in learning.  30) But if something fresh comes to someone else, sit back and be quite.  31) In this way, all who share will have a turn to speak, one after the other, so that everyone will learn by practice and everyone be encouraged 32) The spirits of prophets are subject to prophets, 33) for God is not a God of confusion and disorder but of peace and order. 

How A Wife Disgraces A Husband In Church
As in all the churchesE of the Lord's people, 34) women are to keep quiet during church.  They should not talkF but be in submission [to their own husbands], as also the Law of God declares.  35) If they have a desire to learn let them ask their own husbands, at home, for it is disgracefulG for a woman to be speaking in church [usurping or exercising authority over man].H

EOnly with two women issues in the New Testament does Paul repeat that it's the practice of "all the churches", in this verse and in 1Cor. 11:16.

F"Talk", or "speak" as it's also translated, is obviously not the same as "praying" or "prophesying", as women are actually instructed how to "pray or prophesy" in church in 1Cor. 11:2-16.

G"Disgraceful" is the same Greek word used in 1Cor. 11:6 of a woman to have her head shaved if she prays or prophesies with her head uncovered.  1Cor. 11:6 and in this verse (35), are the only two ways the New Testament specifically says a woman disgraces herself in church.   

HThe primary issue here in verse 34 & 35 is the same issue as in 1Tim. 2:11-12, a woman exercising authority over man.  That is against the "Law of God".  That is also why a woman who prays or shares in church, as stated 1Cor. 11:10 says, "A woman should wear a covering on her head to show she is under authority."


Those Who Disagree With God's Word For Women
36) Do you disagree?  Well, do you think God's Word originated from you?  Or that it came only to you or your church?  37) If anyone thinks he is a prophet or spiritual, let him for sure realize, that what I write is the LORD'S commandment and charge!  38) If anyone is ignorant of this, they are truly ignorant; and they should be totally disregarded!

39) Finally brothers, be zealous to prophesy!  However, don't forbid speaking in a foreign language 40) but make sure everything is done properly and in order. 

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