1 Corinthians 12
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Spiritual Gifts
1) Now concerning spiritual gifts, I do not want you to be ignorant.  2) When you were unsaved you were lead in following the dumb gods of this world, in whatever way you were lead.  3) But you need to know that no one speaking with God's Spirit will every say anything bad about Jesus, and with His Holy Spirit, will always say to follow Jesus as Lord and Master in everything.

4) Now there are different gifts but all from the same Spirit. 

5) There are different services [ways in using gifts] but all directed by the same Lord. 

6) There are different effects [results of gifts] but the same God who empowers every one.

7) Each and every one of you is given this illuminating of the Spirit with your special gifts for the exclusive purpose of helping and profiting others.  8) The Spirit gives to one person the ability to speak with special wisdom.  The Spirit gives another person the ability to speak with special knowledge.  9) The Spirit gives another person special faith.  The one Spirit gives a person the ability to heal others, 10) to another other miracles, to another prophetic insight, to another the ability to discern the spirit and motive of others, to another to speak in unknown languages and another able to interpret unknown languages.  11) But the one Spirit is working all this in each one of us just as He purposes.

Body Of Believers
12) Just as one human body is made up of many parts, this is how it is with Christ's Body of Believers.  13) Through the power of God's Spirit He has immersed us to all perfectly fit together like one physical body, even though we all may be from extremely different races, as Jews or Gentiles, or from extremely different classes of society, as free, rich or slaves.  Every one of us is now living only because we are all drinking from God's one Spirit of life.  

Why Everyone Belongs & Is Important
14) A physical body does not have one limb or organ.  15) Even if a foot could talk and say, "I'm not like the hand, so I don't belong in this body", is it any less part of the body?  16) And if the ear could talk and say, "I'm not an eye, so I don't belong in this body", does that make it any less a part of the body?  17) Imagine a whole body being one big eye!  How would it ever hear?  Or if a whole body were one big ear, how would it ever smell anything?        

18) Now God has made each body part different and put each body part right where He wants it and right where it should be.  19) If we were all alike we'd have no body.  20) But we are all different so we can be a body!

21) The eye can never say to the hand, "I don't need you."  The head can never say to the feet, "I don't need you."

22) In fact some parts of the body that seems the most weak or least important are actually the most necessary!  23) And that part of the body that we think is the most unattractive we cover and are most protective.  What we think is most unattractive we cover with clothes and actually value with greater honor, spending more money and time resulting in that part of our body being the most attractive.  24) The member that we think is more presentable may have no need.  God has made it so what we think less attractive to be more attractive.  25) God has arranged all this so there will be absolutely no division or discord with any of us in the body, but that ever member will have the same care and concern for one another.  26) And if one member is hurting in any way every member should feel the same hurt with them.  And if one member is made happy in any way we all can be happy with him. 

27) Now collectively we all make up Christ's body and individually you are a specific necessary part. 

Get All Three Of The Greater Gifts
28) God has put in place in the church first apostles (ones sent), second prophets (inspired speakers), third teachers (instructors), after that miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, directors and unknown languages.  29) Is everyone an apostle (one sent)?  Is everyone a prophet?  Is everyone a teacher? Is everyone a miracle worker?  30) Everyone does not have the gifts of healing do they?  Everyone does not speak unknown languages do they?  Everyone cannot interpret can they?  31) However, everyone, be zealous in spirit for earnestly desiring the greater gifts [the first three gifts]!     

But now I will show you something greater than the greatest gifts - how to live!


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