1 Corinthians 10
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God Will Put To Death His Disobedient People
1) Now don't be ignorant about God's people in the past.  All God's people were under God's cloud of protection and comfort.  All God's people were saved through opening up the red sea.  2) All God's people where covered by the Mosaic Law.  3) All God's people ate the same spiritual food.  4) All God's people drank the same spiritual water.  That spiritual water came from the Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. 

5) Nevertheless, God was not pleased with His people!  Therefore God put to death His disobedient people in the wilderness, desolate and unfulfilled!

6) But these are all warning examples to us, so we will not crave or desire anything with our money or time that causes us to lose our lives as it did theirs: 

7) Idolatry:  Don't lose your life in giving your money or time for your own selfish purposes instead of for God, as they did.  It was written about them that, "They would eat and drink, and then get up to go play!"  (That day the Lord had "3,000" killed.) 

8) Immorality:  Don't lose your life being like animals, offering your sex to anyone outside of God's committed love covenant for heterosexual wedlock, as some of them did.  And God had 23,000 of them killed in one day with their sexual "freedom"!

9) Testing God:  Don't lose your life testing the Lord's patience when you know God wants you to do something, as some of them did; and, God had poisonous snakes kill them.  (And "many" died that day.)  

10) Grumbling:  Don't lose your life by grumbling, being critical or judgmental, especially against God's spiritual leaders, as they did; and, God had a Destroyer come and kill 14,700 of them.


Old Testament For Us Today
11) Again, all these things happened to them as warning examples for us!  They were all written for us!  They were all written to warn us today, in these last days!  12) Therefore, anyone who is of the opinion that God will not do this today or that they're above it ever happening to them -- watch out!  Watch out so you won't be among those today that God thrusts to the ground to die prematurely. 


How We Can Have Victory In Every Test
13) But no trial that has overwhelmed you is unique to you.  This is all normal human experience.  However, God never lets any trial be on you more than you can stand.  In fact God will always show you what to do so you can get out from under the full pressure of any trail making it light enough so you can endure it and still carry on. 14) Therefore, for all the above reasons, dearly loved believers, run as fast as you can from all idol worship, from everything you're tempted to put ahead of God or that God doesn't want you to do. 

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