I Corinthians 1
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One Church & One Body Of Leaders Per City
1) From Paul, called an apostleA, for Jesus Christ through God's will and Sosthenes our brother.  2) To God's churchB in the city of Corinth, everyone in the city that has been purified and separated by and for Jesus Christ, called saints, just as everyone everywhere who call on the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is their Lord and ours.

AThe word "apostle" in Greek is literally, "one sent".  In this case, one sent on mission for Jesus Christ.  In Latin the word "apostle" is translated, "missionary".  Some naively assume there are no more apostles for today.  If this is true there would be no more missionaries for today.  But as it is, apostles and missionaries are one and the same.  One is just saying the word in Greek and the other in Latin.  Sadly, this has caused great misunderstanding and detriment to the universal church of God today.  Consequently, most "missionaries" today are not qualified as apostles or missionaries at all, and do not see the N.T. as their guide for how to become a missionary/apostle and everything else related to being a true missionary/apostle.  There were three types of apostles in the N.T.:  Jesus – "one sent" by God (Heb. 3:1).  The 12 – "ones sent" by Jesus (John 20:21).  Paul, Barnabas and others later called apostles– "ones sent" by the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:4).  Genuine apostle/missionaries are still sent out today by the Holy Spirit.  Some think there are no more apostles today because they had to be able to perform miracles and/or write Scripture; but most of the apostles in the N.T. wrote no Scripture and no miracles were ever recorded that they preformed.  And some men in the N.T. preformed miracles and wrote Scripture that were not apostles.  There are some today that claim they are apostles and are false apostles, just as there was in the N.T. (Rev.2:2).  But counterfeits actually validate something that is real, today as they did in the N.T.  There is not one verse in the N.T. that says there are no more apostles for today, however there are verses that do confirm there are apostles for today.  To fully understand this subject and much more on the church and its leadership you can order, Church Revolution Now ~ N.T. House Churches & Every Brother A Leader.                     

BThe word "church" (singular) is mentioned 76 times from the time the church started in the book of Acts through Revolution.  And every time the word "church" (singular) is used, it is in reference to ALL the Christians in a city.  Never once does the N.T. say, "churches" (plural), in a city.  The word "churches" (plural) is mentioned 34 times in the N.T., and every time "churches" (plural) is used it is in reference to a region or nation.  Even so, all N.T. pastor/elders in a city were always united and functioning as one united body in each one city church.  This unavoidably simple but profound N.T. truth has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest reason the universal church today is not pleasing God, as the apostle Paul later addresses in this chapter, under Church Denominations Condemned.  It is one of the main reasons Jesus' Great Commission (Matt.28:18-20) is not fulfilled in any generation.  It is the foremost reason Jesus' one and only prayer for all Christians today is being thwarted from being answered (John 17:20-23).  To fully understand this subject and much more on the church and its leadership you can order, Church Revolution Now ~ N.T. House Churches & Every Brother A Leader.

Empowered To Witness
3) Now you all have special favor and peace from God Himself who is our Father and Jesus Christ who is our Master.  4) I always thank my God for all of you that He has given so much to you because of Jesus Christ.  5) Every one of you in every way has been empowered to speak and witness, having the true knowledge of God.  6) What I told you Christ could do in and through you, you are now all a testimony of this.  7) You don't lack any gift or empowerment from God while you are now eagerly waiting for the visible return of Jesus Christ our Master.  8) And He is also going to keep all of you and maintain all of you to the very end so that on that great day Jesus Christ returns all of you will be there totally blameless.  9) You can be as sure of this as God is faithful, since He is the One who has called you into this intimate marriage relationship with His own Son, Jesus Christ, our Master.

Church Denominations Condemned
10) But now men, I exhort you with all the power and authority in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all agree, that there be no divisions, no denominations, with any of you in your city.  Be perfect, be one, be united in your understanding and mission!C  11) Men, it's been made clear to me by those with Chloe that there are contentions and factions.  12) What I'm saying is this, everyone one of you says, "I belong to Paul's church" or "I belong to Apollos's church" or "I belong to Peter's church" or "I belong to Christ's church".  13) Is Christ divided?  No!  Was Paul crucified for you?  Were you baptized in the name of Paul? 

COf all the major sins that the apostle Paul confronted in the church at Corinth, the sin of Christ's one city church being divided, denominational, was the first sin of Corinth to be condemned, and "… with all the power and authority in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."  Furthermore, it's important to realize that God did not write this letter to the elders or pastors in the city but to ALL the Christians in the city to obey (1Cor. 1:2).  It is every Christian's responsibility to obey this as with every other verse in this epistle.  To obey all the rest of what God says in 1 Corinthians and yet ignore God's very first exhortation, is nothing but Christian hypocrisy.  A city church family divided, just like a physical family divided, would always be the first most important thing to work at remedying, regardless of how hard or how long it takes.  But without doubt, it is the first and most important issue that the apostle Paul attacks.  Note that Paul addressed the same issue with all the Christians in the city of Philippi:  "I am writing to all of God’s holy people in Philippi who belong to Christ Jesus… Is there any encouragement from belonging to Christ? Any comfort from his love? Any fellowship together in the Spirit? Are your hearts tender and compassionate?  Then make me truly happy by agreeing wholeheartedly with each other, loving one another, and working together with one mind and purpose" (Phil.1:1 & 2:1-2).  To fully understand this subject and how this can practically work out with all Christians and pastors in a city today and to learn much more on the N.T. church and its N.T. leadership, order Church Revolution Now ~ N.T. House Churches & Every Brother A Leader.


God's Dynamite
14) I thank God that I didn't baptize any of you expect Crispus and Gaius, 15) so no one can say I baptized them in my name.  16) Oh, I also baptized the household of Stehpanas, but I don't remember baptizing any others.  17) For Christ did not send me out to baptize but to declare the good news, but not with scientific data, philosophy or pseudo worldly arguments, or I'll be totally drowning out the dynamite message of the Cross of Christ.  18) Yes, this message will sound foolish to those who are headed for destruction, and that's why they're headed there, but for those who are getting saved by it, it's God's dynamite message.  19) As God said, "I will utterly demolish the pseudo arguments and knowledge of all the professors and frustrate to oblivion all those so-called intellectuals."  20) So where are those professors?  Where are those religious professors?  Where are those great world debaters?  God has made all their evolutionary arguments look brainless!  21) God, in His wisdom, has made it so non-believers will not come to know Him through human arguments but only through this "foolish" message and "foolish" public preachers.  22) It's foolishness to Jews; they want physical evidence.  It's foolishness to Gentles; they exalt in pseudo philosophy and human wisdom.  23) So when we preach the Messiah was crucified, to the Jews it's an offense and to the 
Gentiles it's philosophical nonsense.  24) But to those who accept God's invitation for salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, God's Son is the power of God and the infinite wisdom of God!  25) God's "foolish" way is wiser than all men; and God's "weakness" - His Son dying on the cross - is more powerful than the power of all men.       


The Power Of the Weakest Christian
26) All of you have been called, think about yourselves:  Not many of you are wise in the eyes of the world.  Not many of you are very powerful or influential in the world.  And not many of you were born into great nobility or wealth.  27) God deliberately chose the foolish in the eyes of the world to shame and confound so-call experts, professors and pseudo intellectuals.  And God deliberately chose the weak and feeble in the world to shame and confound the strong and mighty!  28) God has deliberately chosen the lowborn and the despised in the world and those who are nothing, to bring all the so-called great in the world, to nothing! 


What To Boast About
29) Because of this, no one can ever boast before God.  30) It is because of God alone that you have life with the Messiah Jesus.  God made the Messiah Jesus: our Wisdom, our Righteousness, our Holiness, and our Redemption!  31) So just as it is written (Jer. 9:23-24): "WHEN YOU WANT TO BOAST, BOAST ABOUT THE LORD!"            


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