New Life Bible 

  New Translation by Jim McCotter


I Corinthians Overview & Video Below

Chapter 1:           One Church & One Body Of Leaders Per City, Empowered To Witness, Church 
                          Denominations Condemned, God's Dynamite, The Power Of The Weakest Christian, 
                          What To Boast About

                           I Corinthians 1 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 2:           How Paul Would Speak To Non-believers, All Christians Are Wiser Than The
                          Greatest Intellectuals

                           I Corinthians 2 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 3:           Immature Christians, Christians Like Non-Christians, Only One Church Model, 
                         You Own The World

                           I Corinthians 3 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 4:           Spiritual Leaders, Extra-Scriptural & Arrogant, Imitate Paul & His Teaching

                           I Corinthians 4 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 5:           Christ Demands Every Believer To Clean Up His Church 

                           I Corinthians 5 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 6:           No Lawsuits With Believers, The Real You & Your Physical Body

                           I Corinthians 6 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 7:            Singles, Sex, Two Different Gifts, Unmarried & Widows, Married Believers
                           Separating, Mixed Marriages, Children, Divorcing an Unbeliever,
                           Accept Your Calling, Young Singles, Time is Short, Work For The Lord,
                           Fathers with Daughters, Wives & Widows 

                           I Corinthians 7 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 8:            Your Knowledge Can Destroy – Only Love Builds, Your Liberty Can Destroy - Only
                           Love Builds

                           I Corinthians 8 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 9:            Apostle (Missionary) Credential, Apostles (Missionary) Right For Pay, How To Win
                           People, How to be Like Winning Athletes 

                           I Corinthians 9 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 10:          God Will Put To Death His Disobedient People, Old Testament For Us Today,
                           How We Can Have Victory In Every Test, Use Logic So You Don't Die,
                           Deny Using Your Liberty

                           I Corinthians 10 / Paraphrase & Video 

Chapter 11:          God's Headship For Men & Women, Divisions, The Lord's Supper & Physical Health 

                           I Corinthians 11 / Written Expose & Video

Chapter 12:          Spiritual Gifts, Body Of Believers, Why Everyone Belongs & Is Important,
                           Get All Three Of The Greater Gifts  

                           I Corinthians 12 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 13:          The Most Wasted Life, Real Love, Temporary Sign Gifts, An Infant & Mirror Analogy, 
                           Love Is The Greatest

                           I Corinthians 13 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 14:          Everyone Should Speak Up In Church, Always Pray & Sing With Your Spirit
                           & Your Mind, Stop Thinking Like A Baby Regarding Tongues, Everyone
                           Participates In Church, How A Wife Disgraces A Husband In Church,
                           Those Who Disagree With God's Word For Women

                           I Corinthians 14 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 15:          Real Faith, The Gospel First, Paul's Life, All Will Resurrect,
                           Christ's Return, Overwhelming Suffering For Proclaiming
                           Christ, Wake Up To Righteousness, The Resurrection Body, The
                           Resurrection & Rapture Secret, Every Believer To Abound In
                           Work For The Lord 

                            I Corinthians 15 / Paraphrase & Video

Chapter 16:          Freewill Offerings, The Life Of Apostles, Last Exhortations 

                            I Corinthians 16 / Paraphrase & Video