Church Revolution Now

 Church Revolution Now! 

 N. T. House Churches Every Brother A Leader   

By Jim McCotter 

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Table of Content 

"Record the vision that the one who reads it may run!"

  Habakkuk 2:2   

1 Why All New Testament Churches Were House Churches?                                                            

         o    Identification 
         o    Invitation 
         o    Participation 
         o    House Unity 
         o    City Unity
         o    Multiplying Leaders
         o    Spreading the Gospel
         o    Money
         o    Father Knows Best

2 Why & What All New Testament Churches Did?

         o    The Word
         o    The Fellowship
         o    The Supper
         o    The Prayer

3 Why & How New Testament Churches Grew So Fast?  

         o    Personal Needs Met

      • Finances
      • Conflicts
      • Couples
      • Children
      • Fathers
      • Singles
      • Families
      • City/States

         o    Spiritual Maturity

      • Holy Priest
      • Royal Priest

         o    True Multiplication

         o    Jesus' Promises To His Small House Churches 


4 What Were All New Testament Church Leaders?             

         o    Seventeen Qualifications
         o    Men Only
         o    Character Maturity
         o    No New Believers
         o    No Physical Age
         o    No Professionals
         o    Three Leadership Categories
         o    Speaking & Serving Gifts
         o    Elders-Pastors
         o    Plurality Leadership
         o    Senior Pastor
         o    Priest & Father
         o    No Term Limits
         o    Multiplying Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors/Teachers
         o    To All My Fellow-Servant Leaders in Christ
         o    To All My Fellow-Servant Brothers and Sisters in Christ


Addendum:     Personal Pastor's Letter                                
Appendix:       5 Reasons For House Churches
Postscript:       What Do You Know About The Church     



About the author:

The author has personally started countless house churches and a worldwide movement of churches.  He has trained thousands of believers in how to win others to Christ and how to work together to grow and multiply churches in cities throughout the world.  Most recently he is helping disciple some that are now starting on average more than one new house church every week.  He has personally proclaimed the Gospel to 10’s of thousands in cities and universities all over the world.  And through various mass media he has owned and operated, he has communicated to literally tens of millions nationally and internationally.  Jim has helped advance the Kingdom of God not only through multiplying new churches and training and raising up scores of spiritual leaders but also reached millions through his previous mass media newspaper, radio and television groups.  However, Jim's greatest passion is seeing every brother in Christ become a mighty spiritual leader in his own family/household and then in the "household of God" (Eph. 2:19; 1Tim.3:15; Titus 1:7).   

By the time you finish reading this book you'll understand why the title Church Revolution Now may not be an overstatement.  One of the first pastors who read an early draft of Church Revolution Now wrote: 

"I read your book Church Revolution Now three times with my bible open, referencing every Scripture.  Thank you for this book.  Thank God for inspiring you to write this.  Indeed it will bring a revolution to the traditional churches of our generation.  We have been traditional for many years but I have made up my mind now to make some drastic changes in our ministry… to follow the N.T. house church / leadership model."

This pastor, with his small leadership team, stopped doing the traditional church planting approach and started following the New Testament houses church / leadership model.  Four years later they had seen over 2000 house churches raise up, with 10's of thousands of new believers baptized and all meeting in house churches.  Now six years later, there are over 6,700 house churches and over 60,000 new baptized believers.  God's ways are always best. 

Of course not everyone will see that same amount of growth following God's New Testament way.  But whether you see one house church or one thousand raise up, you will experience nothing like the traditional church when you follow the New Testament church model as you'll see in Church Revolution Now.  It is the secret to dramatically discipling men, women and families for the Kingdom of God.  It is necessary for any generation to turn their city and nation, "the world upside down for Christ"!

Most will find it shocking to discover how far the traditional church and its leadership model today has veered from Christ's biblical blueprint model.  But in some ways, today's traditional church model is even stifling the mission of Christ.  You'll also discover how God's biblical house church model has enormous implications for family development compared to the traditional church model.  You'll discover how following Christ's house church / leadership model the Great Commission can literally be fulfilled in every nation, in every generation, even as Jesus commanded and expected (Matthew 28:18-20).  You'll understand the good, bad and ugly as to why today's traditional church is so dramatically deficient from first century Christianity. 

Think about it… without any modern day transportation, communication or technology the New Testament churches were literally fulfilling the Great Commission in their day… and turning their whole "world upside down for Christ"!  Yet today, we have not even turned one city upside down for Christ, much less the whole world!  Something is wrong! 

Church Revolution Now uncovers the real reasons why and how Christ's early church was fulfilling the Great Commission… and why and how the church today is not coming close to what they did in the New Testament… and why and how today we can have a worldwide spiritual Church Revolution Now!