Posted 9/6/14

Time Is Running Out


Time is running out before we lose our Christian nation, Christian churches and then our Christian homes and families as Franklin Graham and Todd Starnes express in this most current article: Are You Prepared for the War on Religious Liberty?  

Starnes, maybe more than anyone in our nation today, is getting daily reports from all over America as to the state of OUR “Christian Union”, our “Christian Nation”, within America.  As people of God, we are a “holy nation” (1Peter 2:9) within a nation, but our holy nation is getting decimated and has been slowly moving underground for the last 50 years… without even realizing it!  Freedom of OUR Christian speech, or anything visible that is Christian has now been completely removed out of all public institutions, even open public spaces, to now only be on church property or behind closed church doors!  A nation that was founded in fencing out the ungodly is now a nation that has fenced out the godly.

Last month the IRS quietly settled a law suit with the largest atheist’s group in America. The IRS is now triggered to secretly do what I personally witnessed in the former Soviet Union with their secret undercover KGB agents.  The IRS is now poised to secretly send IRS agents into church congregations to document any unlawful “hate speech”. Such speech can be anything Scripturally immoral that is contrary to our new civil right laws that protect sodomy, homosexual “marriage”, abortion etc.  Such new civil law can now have (and is starting to have) pastors arrested and churches lose their non-profit status and be disbanded. 

Many say, “Oh, that can never happen here in our nation!” That’s exactly what all Orthodox Christian Russians said in the beginning of the 20th century! That’s exactly what all German Lutheran Christians said in the beginning of the 1930’s!  That’s exactly what all Christian Americans said prior to the 21stcentury!  And, as long as enough of Christian America still says that… Christian America will be too late to save. And Christian America will soon be another Christian Nation reversal in the dust bin of history. But, this is happening and in our generation!  Graham and Starnes are but a few that are sounding the alarm.  Is it too late, even now?

But the only thing most Christians know or say to do today, is to pray or vote, if they say anything to do at all.  That is good, but that is not close to all the Scripture mandates to reestablish a Christian nation.  We must see a critical mass of believers in our nation read, understand and mobilize as explained in the book Christian Nation Now ~ Jesus' Civil Mandate!... if we can ever expect to have a Christian nation again.