Posted 11/7/12

The Presidential Election & What God May Think 


America lost last night… to a political Party that supports and promotes the killing of innocent babies in the womb of mothers, the unnatural perversion of sodomy and for the first time removed God’s Name totally out of their national Platform.  But then after much political pressure, so they might not lose the election, this Party then decided to insert God’s Name back into their Platform. They did that to help win the election… they may have won the battle but they have sealed their fate to lose the war with God.

It’s one thing for a group to promote what is godless and abominable in the sight of God… but it’s quite another thing to use God’s Name to help promote their demonic Platform.  Using God’s Name to support and promote the Devil’s goals is more than blasphemous and must be a stench in God’s nostrils.

The godless Philistines of old essentially tried to do the same with God’s Name, via the Ark of God: 

“After the Philistines captured the Ark of God, they took it from the battleground at Ebenezer to the town of Ashdod.  They carried the Ark of God into the temple of Dagon and placed it beside an idol of Dagon.  But when the citizens of Ashdod went to see it the next morning, Dagon had fallen with his face to the ground in front of the Ark of the Lord!  So they took Dagon and put him in his place again.  But the next morning the same thing happened—Dagon had fallen face down before the Ark of the Lord again.  This time his head and hands had broken off and were lying in the doorway.  Only the trunk of his body was left intact… Then the Lord’s heavy hand struck the people…” (1Samuel 5:1-6NLT).


Will the Lord leave any nation “intact” without His “heavy hand striking the people” who support and promote, especially using His Name: 

  • Sodomy:  “And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations” (1Kings 14:24KJV).
  • Molech:  “They sacrifice [abort] their sons and daughters to Molech… What an incredible evil, causing [America] to sin so greatly!” (Jeremiah 32:35NLT).

“But God says to the wicked: ‘Why bother reciting my decrees and pretending to obey my covenant?  For you refuse my discipline and treat my words like trash. When you see thieves, you approve of them, and you spend your time with adulterers. Your mouth is filled with wickedness, and your tongue is full of lies… While you did all this, I remained silent, and you thought I didn’t care. But now I will rebuke you, listing all my charges against you.  Repent, all of you who forget me, or I will tear you apart, and no one will help you… But if you keep to my path, I will reveal to you the salvation of God.” (Psalm 50:16-23NLT). 

Rejoice!  God will win the war!  (Psalm 2NLT): 

Why are the nations so angry?  Why do they waste their time with futile plans?  The kings of the earth prepare for battle; the rulers plot together against the Lord and against his anointed one.  ‘Let us break their chains,’ they cry, ‘and free ourselves from slavery to God.’ 

But the one who rules in heaven laughs.  The Lord scoffs at them.  Then in anger he rebukes them, terrifying them with his fierce fury.  For the Lord declares, ‘I have placed my chosen king on the throne in Jerusalem, on my holy mountain.’ 

The king proclaims the Lord’s decree:  The Lord said to me, ‘You are my Son.  Today I have become your Father.   Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance, the whole earth as your possession.  You will break them with an iron rod and smash them like clay pots.’ 

Now then, you kings, act wisely!  Be warned, you rulers of the earth!  Serve the Lord with reverent fear, and rejoice with trembling.  Submit to God’s royal Son, or he will become angry, and you will be destroyed in the midst of all your activities—for his anger flares up in an instant.  But what joy for all who take refuge in Him!”

Finally, about half the people of God don’t vote and about a quarter that did, voted for the Party promoting Sodomy and sacrificing to Molech.  So when the people of God, knowingly or unknowingly don’t obey, they too fall under the same consequences/judgments of God.  Patrick Henry, Christian author and activist wrote:

1)  Most Christians think Christ is only head of the Church and don’t realize there is far more Scripture declaring Him head of nation/state. 

2)  Most Christians know the New Testament mandates to share the gospel but have no idea that the same New Testament mandates them to also capture the civil government for Christ. 

3)  And, almost no Christians are aware of all the Scripture that gives clear instruction how to successfully accomplish capturing a civil government for Christ.

Christian Nation Now ~ Jesus Civil Mandate!, is a new 950 page powerful book by pen-name Patrick Henry.  It looks at all this Scripturally, historically, strategically and much more to be able to see multitudes come to Christ as their Savior as well as biblically/practically  how to capture the civil government according to biblical strategy.  The book subtitle is Today’s Christian Manifesto.  If a critical mass of Christians read this book, what happened last night will never happen again.  The Christian Nation Now! website will be up soon and hard copies will be selling for $49.95.  But now it can be pre-ordered via the editor’s e-book, rough draft edition, for only $14.95.  If interested email me back and I’ll connect you. 

To “fight the good fight”,