Revolution ~ House Churches & Leaders!

This book explodes the myth of today’s churches and leaders being anywhere close to what we see in the New Testament.  Most churches or leaders today are nowhere close to what they were in the New Testament.  More amazing, most churches or leaders don’t have a clue how far they are from what Jesus and the apostles started.

This book stands on one verse after another, opening them up one after another in startling clarity and contract to what most think.  It clearly demonstrates why and how New Testament believers were able to so affectively and rapidly fulfill the Great Commission… and did in their generation!  And it clearly reveals why and how no generation of believers will do nearly the same until they really see and understand what they were actually doing in the first century. 

Some of the verses I had never really seen before.  Other of the verses I had read but never seen them unpacked in this manner before or in their original meaning or contexts that I just had never noticed.  And, I was more shocked how some things were right there before my eyes all these years, plan as day, but always looked at them through the grid of our Christian upbringing, which blinded me without me even knowing it.

This book is truly revolutionary.  It is very new.  Presently it has been spreading by word of mouth alone.  But already it’s starting to cause an unsettling stir with some Christians and Christian leaders in various denominations.  But others are admitting to its unearthing revolutionary truth and are picking up its banner to follow and passing it on to others, especially those that are committed to fulfilling the Jesus Great Commission, no matter what the cost.  But don’t read it unless you are truly open to revolution.




House Churches & Leaders!



“Fulfilling The Great Commission Ever Generation!”  By JDM




1.  Why & were did New Testament Believers only have church?           

    • Identification
    • Invitation
    • Participation
    • Unity
    • Leaders
    • Money
    • God knows best


2 Why & what did New Testament Believers only do in church?        

  • Share in Word 
  • Share in fellowship 
  • Share in supper  
  • Share in prayer

3 Why & how did New Testament churches grow so strong & fast?    

  • Personal needs









  • Spiritual maturity

Holy priest

Royal priest

  • True multiplication
  • Small group guarantees 


4 Why & how were New Testament church leaders different?                  

    • Fourteen qualifications
    • Men only
    • Character maturity
    • No new believers
    • Physical age
    • No professionals
    • Three leadership categories
    • Speaking & serving gifts
    • Elders-pastors
    • Plurality leadership
    • Senior pastor
    • Priest & father
    • No term limits
    • Multiplying apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors & teachers
    • To all my fellow-servant pastors in Christ
    • To all my fellow-servant brothers and sisters in Christ


Addendum:  Personal letter from Pastor                                                


  1. God’s Guaranteed Secret Of Success

This is God’s guarantee that you’ll be successful for Him.  There are no exceptions!

  1. Leadership Manual

One of the greatest problems in Christendom today is the shockingly lost understanding of New Testament leaders.  Nothing has impacted not fulfilling the Great Commission in every generation more than this one understanding.

  1. Marriage & Separation, Divorce, Remarriage


  1. Singles & How To Find A Mate


     6.  Tongues, Languages & Sign Gifts

  1. Christian Nation Now!